Good side / Bad side of cabin crew job

I have worked as a cabin crew for over 6 years, it is true that the crew gets to travel to different countries, stay in fancy hotels, meet interesting people and celebrities, and experience the glamour of being an airline crew, There is more to this job than just serving teas, coffees chicken and beef to passengers, however this job also is very physically and mentally demanding.


  • Some airlines get to pay for your transportation and accommodation.
  • You get to see new countries and you get paid for that during your stay.
  • You do not work with the same cabin crew and pilots all the time.
  • You get cheap tickets for yourself, family and friends everywhere you like.
  • For female cabin crew it is easy to get yourself a rich pilot, captain or passenger, for male cabin crew you work with many female cabin, you know what i mean.
  • You have many days off.



  • Smiling and saying welcome on board 300 times when you are tired, it is not funny.
  • Sleep, tiredness and jet lack are a big challenge, sometimes you have to wake at 11 PM other times you have to work at 6 AM.
  • Working in full cabin with 300 passengers some of them are angry, some of them do not follow the rules, some of them are asking for different things at the same time can be very stressful and overwhelming.
  • Travelling when you just wanna stay home
  • After few years you might get tired of the job and get bored.
  • Travel during public holidays, Christmas…
  • Smiling and Saying bye 300 times when you just wanna leave, it is not funny at all.


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