7 tips before you start backpacking around the world

  1. Do your research prior to your departure :

Spontaneity is what most backpackers are looking for once they think about how they want their experience to be, but a little of prior research should not be fully avoided. One of the things that you can do is to go through few pages of a guidebook to be inspired on how you will structure your journey; I’m sure by doing that you’ll be really excited about starting your trip.

What most excited backpackers neglect when they start preparing is the weight of their airline baggage; you have to keep in mind that your load is going to be on your back for a long time compared to the average traveler. My advice is to pack sensibly and carefully. Let me ask you these questions Do you honestly need 15 books? Or 25 pairs of socks? Oh maybe 10 bottles of sun cream? Of course not, always bear in mind that even though you are travelling you can still get all of these things like washing your clothes and buying the necessities you will need, saving space is the trick. If you’re an avid reader think about buying an e-reader I’m sure it will save you a lot of space.

In addition, knowing how to pack will save a lot of hassle. Always have the items that are a must such as your travel documents and sunglasses at the top and the rest that you’re sure you need require right away, like your shoes or any bulky items of clothing at the bottom of your knapsack.

2 . Tourist traps? Here is how to avoid them:

Instead of avoiding interaction with the locals, why don’t you do the opposite by following them to see where they give for dinner and how do they spend their Saturday’s nights. Making a list of things that are free of charge all week will be helpful like parks and window-shopping. The beauty of your backpack journey will come when you feel that you have enough entertainment throughout the whole experience without having the sentiment you’re being forced to pull out your wallet for money (as an example you can take advantage of free tours). There are plenty of tourist attractions that offer great deals so make sure you will pick the most profitable one. And one last advice, if you’re student always carry your student ID as many museums and playhouses usually offer students discounts and sometimes even free admission on specific days.


  1. Make talking to different people a must:

If you’re an English native speaker don’t end up in one of two camps where you will only decide to only speak to those who are English speaking individuals or you want to speak to anyone but English-speaking individuals as I am cultured and used to. Both of these thoughts are improper. Limiting your experience by only speaking to people where you are from will deeply affect your trip. What’s the purpose of coming back knowing everything about Perth, New York or London when you’ve been travelling around Africa for three months?. Learn from people that you meet and break the language barrier. In addition; the one thing that will deprive you from getting that sage travel advice is keep yourself away from other tourists, it can be what place does the cheapest food or which club throws the best party.

  1. Don’t lose your memories:

I am sure by now you’ve collected hundreds of napkins, beer caps, photos, tickets and memories over your backpack journey. Instead of leaving them at the bottom of your knapsack why don’t you make the most of them by using them to make a scrapbook? I know I know we’re in a different era now when people tend to store their memories in more digital formats, therefore compile them into a video of photos and add to that a beautiful soundtrack that will bring memories. And always bring back a souvenir, whether it’s a tinny thing like a t-shirt from your trip around Indonesia, or a kimono from your stay in Tokyo.

  1. Make the most of a destination:

Don’t use public transport only when it’s mandatory try and walk everywhere. You’ll get a chance to discover things you would never had the chance to see like cool cafes and beautiful street art. One fact is common you will spend most of your time stuck in buses and trains looking at the charming sceneries passing by. Try to rent a bike for the day and use to discover the city you’re in. Always make sure that you’ve taken as much of the location before move to the next one.

  1. Want to know how to save money on food?

Of course you have the desire to visit a variety of places and the need to try new things will be at its upmost. The question that you should ask yourself is how you’re going to fix a budget for all of that? Eating in good restaurants every day while you’re travelling makes us feel good but putting a reducing your expenses will help on the long run. I’m not saying that you should deprive yourself, not at all, but instead of spending money (that we both need is essential for your journey) on 3 expensive meals a day, make it one and instead try street food which can be less cheaper than going to a place that will cost you a lot of money. Otherwise, buy food from the nearest supermarket and make your favorite meal at the hostel where you’re staying.

7 . Pros and Cons of travelling in a group :

The sole purpose of solo backpacking is to feel free, but what about having friends that will join you and make the journey more adventurous? Plus, travelling in a group of people will be an easy way to save money. Sharing necessities and reducing your luggage, deciding who will carry toiletries and who will bring snacks, which skill we need and who among of us has them, you don’t know how to cook? Not a big deal because the friend who’s on journey with you does; these are some of the advantages of travelling in group. Nevertheless, travelling in a group may have its cons especially when it comes to planning (ex: where are we going to spend the night? We may hear different answers that make taking a decision complicated to compared when you’re on your own).However, don’t let planning in a group scares you because you can split up during the trip and decide where to meet after.

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